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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Our Swaner bird list is a great resource, as is the Sibley Field Guide to Birds. Ebird is a website that birders use to keep track of what they’ve seen, it’s also useful to find out which birds are in the area in real time -

    Most baby birds do not need human help, and possession of a migratory bird (even if you intend to release it) is illegal. Swaner cannot and will not receive any injured or otherwise helpless birds, we are not wildlife rehabilitators and do not have any expertise or permits to do so. Here are some helpful links:

    Wildlife rehabilitators:
    DaLyn Erickson Wildlife Specialist 801-814-7888
    Candy Carlson Salt Lake City 801-412-7470
    Species accepted: Songbirds
    Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah Ogden 801-814-7888
    Species accepted: Migratory birds (including eagles), small mammals (no raccoons, red foxes or striped
    ASAP Utah Lehi 801-688-6911

    Other resources listed here:

    Birdhouse specifications vary widely, as do the species that use them. Care must be taken to ensure that birds can use a birdhouse and stay safe from predators, as well as exit the box safely.

    Helpful links to choose the right birdhouse:

    Nest box dimensions with information about building specs:

    Mountain Bluebird (native species) nest box specifications:

    General nest box care (including end of season cleaning instructions):

    Avoid noxious and non-native species in your bird feed mix; the leftovers from the feathery friends will end up in your yard. Visit or call a local bird seed store to find the right birdseed for your needs. Here are some reputable local places:

    Backyard Birds 2698 S Highland Drive, SLC 801-467-7222

    Wild Birds Unlimited 1967 E Murray Holladay Rd, SLC 801-878-4449

    Wild About Birds Nature Center 1986 North Hillfield Rd, Layton 801-779-2473

    Additional online info about finding the right birdseed: