Sustainably Farmed Food Program

Announcing a Bold New Adventure in Fresh Food!

Swaner and Liberty Heights Fresh in Salt Lake are pairing up to bring local and regional produce and more to your table.  The Sustainably Farmed Food (SFF) program offers organic and sustainably farmed food to the Summit County community this winter with weekly bags of fresh produce.  The SFF program works like a traditional CSA, or produce share, with weekly pick-ups at the Swaner EcoCenter and options from Vegan to Omnivore.  So, in addition to seasonal organic produce, you can also receive local cheeses, eggs, meats, honey, and lots more.  It's one of the easiest ways to support family farms and small producers while also ensuring variety and full-flavor during the winter months.  Each week's bag comes with recipes designed just for that week's contents.

Swaner receives 5 % of the proceeds from each share ensuring that your purchase promotes sustainability in more ways than one.  Choose healthy and organic this winter with Swaner and Liberty Heights Fresh!  Prices start at less than $25 a week for a full basket of authentic, full-flavored food.  The Liberty Heights Fresh SFF program offers three levels of enrollment: Vegan Sustainable, Vegetarian's Bounty, and Omnivore's Delight

How Do I Sign Up?
Liberty Heights Fresh will be adding a sign up sheet to their website soon.  In the meantime, please call Liberty Heights Fresh to sign up over the phone, 801.58.FRESH or 801.583.7374.

Find out what an SFF program is and its advantages, what happens if you go on vacation, what you get, and why it's a great idea to join in the next bold adventure in eating.  To learn more about Liberty Heights Fresh, please visit their website at