Field Trips

Field Trips

Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter offers hands-on, science-based field trips to school classes as well as youth organizations. Our field trips allow students to get outside and explore while enhancing their classroom education with field experiences. Field trips are offered in the Winter and Spring, and field trip themes vary with the seaon. Bring your students to Swaner during both seasons! All of our field trip curricula are correlated to Utah Science Core Curriculum Standards and adapted for each grade level. We are also happy to work with you to develop a field trip to meet the needs of your students. snowshoe

Winter Field Trips

Field trips during the winter season involve snowshoeing on the Preserve while we explore snow and weather science, animal adaptations, and wildlife tracking. Winter field trips typically take place from the end of January to mid-March (weather dependent).

Spring Field Trips

Field trips during the spring season provide opportunities for youth to explore a wetland habitat and learn about the plants and animals that live there. Spring field trips typically take place from the end of April through the beginning of June.

Field Trip Details

Scheduling: Field trips must be scheduled at least two weeks before the date you would like to attend. To schedule a field trip contact Katherine Veeder at 435-797-8942 or Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Requested date with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd date choices
  • Requested program time
  • Contact Information: teacher/leader's name, school/organization, address, email, phone number
  • Grade level of students
  • Number of students
  • If any participants have special needs that will need to be accomodated

Fee: $2.00 per student for school groups; One chaperone for every 10 students is free of charge, additional chaperones are charged $2.00 each. Payment can be made via a single check made out to "USU/Swaner EcoCenter" or by credit card, please no large sums of cash. The credit card option is only possible if your field trip is based out of the Swaner Ecocenter (winter field trips only). We can also invoice your school or school district. You will be charged for the number of students you bring. Thus, if you arrive with a check made out for a certain number of students/chaperones, and you arrive with more, we will invoice your school for the difference. A limited number of scholarships for field trips are available for Title I schools. You can inquire about this option when you schedule your trip.

For private groups, such as Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, please call for pricing.

Student/Chaperone Numbers: We require you to bring 1 chaperone for every 10 students (see fee structure above). A minimum of 5 students is required for any trip. At this time we can only accomodate  groups with a maximum of 50 students. Younger siblings of students in the class are not allowed on field trips. Chaperones or teachers may not bring their younger children when they chaperone a field trip. Younger children are often a distraction to the group and the leaders.

Field Trip Format: Field trips are 2 hours in length. Please plan to be on time and stay until the time indicated when you schedule your trip. Our trips are structured for 2 hours, arriving late or leaving early requires significant rearranging by our staff and may mean that your students do not get to experience one or more of the great activities we have planned for them.tracking guide

Things to know you before you come:

Winter on the Preserve can be quite cold and weather conditions can change rapidly. Students, chaperones, and teachers should be prepared to spend up to 2 hours outside for each field trip. Recommended items for each person in attendence include:

  • Warm socks
  • Snow boots
  • Long Underwear
  • Snowpants
  • Gloves
  • Winter coat
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

Spring on the Preserve is wet and muddy. Students, chaperones, and teachers should be prepared to spend up to two hours outside for each field trip. They should also plan to get wet and muddy. Recommended items for each person in attendance include:

  • Shoes that can get wet and muddy, such as old tennis shoes, hiking boots, rain boots, or waterproof shoes. All participants must wear closed-toe shoes. No flip-flops or sandals.
  • Extra change of socks and shoes
  • Extra change of clothes if desired in case your clothes get wet or muddy
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain Jacket
  • Towel to dry your feet off withfrog

Communication: After you schedule a field trip you will receive a confirmation email and teacher packet with additional information. Within this packet will be a letter that you may send home with your students explaining the field trip to their parents. This letter often helps students arrive prepared for the field trip. The week before your field trip we will contact you to confirm your trip date and time.

For questions or to schedule a trip contact Katherine Veeder at 435-797-8942 or

Field Trips are supported by funding from the Park City Foundation, Chevron, and a grant from the Summit County Recreation, Arts, and Parks Tax.

Youth education programs at Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter are conducted in partnership with Utah State University Extension 4-H.

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