EcoCenter Exhibits

Exhibits at the EcoCenter

The engaging EcoCenter experience is designed to inspire a deep respect for the natural world for visitors of all ages.

Heard at the Preserve Climbing Wall
Experience the sights and sounds of Swaner’s wetlands on a two-story vertical interactive adventure. Non-climbers use a hand-held parabolic microphone to listen to the sounds of the Preserve.


Go With The Flow
A three-dimensional look at how water moves through, and beneath, our mountain valley.


Bacterial Beauties
Marvel at the unexpected colors and uses of nature’s most abundant and surprising organisms.


The easiest way to start living green.


Preserving the Balance
People and nature: A high-tech interactive look into the nuts and bolts of modern land management.


Deceptive Beauties
Weeds? Pretty flowers? Invasive? Invited? Understanding the difference between native and non-native plants and animals and their effects on the land.


Magic Window
Time-lapse photography takes you on a four-season journey across Swaner’s beautiful expansive meadow.


Uplands Treasure Hunt
Climb, crawl, explore and learn. Use a special field guide to search for wildlife in a simulated upland habitat.


Wetlands Treasure Hunt
Climb, crawl, explore and learn. Use a special field guide to search for wildlife in a simulated wetland habitat.


Explore environmental headlines and news through this real-time interactive web-based window to the world. Post your own answers to the EcoPulse Question of the Week.


EcoCenter Building Model
Explore the greenest building in Utah with this scale-model of the real deal, complete with explanations of green building features.


Herbal Medicine
Explore the plant life found on the Preserve and its surprising role in the world of medicine.


Swaner EcoHeroes
Celebrate local eco-heroes whose choices and actions have made a difference in our community’s environmental health. Nominate someone you know for this prestigious new award.


Naturalist’s Room
Relax, read, explore or just enjoy the view in this special space designed to inspire the quiet reflection of nature.


Green Building Treasure Hunt
Explore the entire EcoCenter and understand the green building features involved in the design and construction of the greenest building in Utah.