College of Natural Resources

College of Natural Resources

Can today's society satisfy our needs without diminishing the prospects of future generations to satisfy theirs?  The College of Natural Resources (CNR) believes the answer is "Yes!"

The goal of CNR is to provide the scientific information necessary for society to make sound decisions in managing and conserving natural resources to ensure that future generations can anticipate both economic prosperity and a healthy environment.  There will be thousands of natural resources jobs coming open due to retirements in non-govermental organizations, the private sector, and local, state, and federal natural resources agencies over the next 10 years.  CNR graduates will be the preferred candidates to fill those positions and have the ability to not only generate new knowledge but also to synthesize knowledge from diverse disciplines in solving complex natural resources problems facing Utah, the Intermountain West, the nation, and the world.

CNR is a place where people are excited about their work because they are convinced they can and do make a real difference - both in advancing science and in benefiting society.  CNR is an institution in which students, faculty, and staff are fully justified in being enthusiastically optimistic about the future.  In addition to departmental graduate degrees, the college offers a Master of Natural Resources, a non-thesis program intended for students and practicing professionals with a career orientation in natural resource management.

Thanks to the partnership with USU, there are already two graduate level research projects taking place on the Swaner Preserve.  A water quality monitoring station has been installed on East Canyon Creek.  Soon, collected data will be available via interactive exhibit in the Swaner EcoCenter and the community will be able to take part in the monitoring.  If you recreate on the Swaner trails, you may have run into the graduate trail study team.  Students are looking at trail use and user needs to best plan future trail maintenance, construction, and management.  In addition students are installing and designing a self guided trail on the South side of the Swaner Preserve.  This will allow access to an area once closed to the public.  We look forward to many future collaborative projects.

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