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    Autumn PreserveThe boundaries of the Swaner Preserve are easily noted on any map, but nature is oblivious to such human imposed boundaries.  Streams flow and winds blow across our borders day and night.  All who live upstream and upwind of Swaner unknowingly affect those who forage, nest, hunt and den on the Preserve.  Like many natural areas, Swaner Preserve is part of a larger ecosystem that is dominated by human development.

    The Preserve is surrounded by houses and roads, bisected by a major interstate and crisscrossed by trails and a maze of land easements.  Its management means understanding the needs of both the ecosystem and the people who live in and around it.  Our conservation efforts enhance both environmental health and human well-being.  First, we seek to understand our precious resources by conducting professional field surveys and assessing the land, wildlife and waters.

    Next, we work to restore the Preserve to its most natural state.  Then we enhance our streams and wildlife habitat for the benefit of the community.  Finally, we partner with other organizations to ensure that our conservation efforts are comprehensive and meaningful on a larger scale.