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    Trail Access


    Northern Section

    To the north, we have the Glenwild/Blackhawk/Flying Dog trail system.  These trails are great for those looking for more of an incline.  A great place to start would be the Spring Creek Trailhead, there you will find a gazebo and signs to help you find your way.  Along the trail, don't be surprised to see hikers and bikers alike!

    Southern Section

    Looking for something less intense?  The southern trails pass directly in front of the Swaner EcoCenter, run south along the East 224 Boardwalk, past Swaner Farm, and connect to the McLeod Creek Trail, which can take you all the way into Park City on food, bike or skis.  Thanks to Basin Recreation, these trails are maintained year round and include grooming for Nordic skiing in the winter.

    Wetland Discovery

    Wetland Discovery Trail

    Swaner also has a self guided nature trail - the Wetland Discovery Trail.  Please stop into the EcoCenter for a trail brochure and a combination code to the entry gate lock.  The trailhead is just about 1/8 mile south of the EcoCenter.  There are 8 trail marker posts that correspond to the brochure - each stop along the way contains interesting facts and history about the preserve.